Look Out for the Warning of a Malfunctioning Differential

Have you begun to notice any changes in the way that your vehicle handles?

A good place to investigate lies under the hood with your differential, which can typically fall victim to a failing gear or lack of lubricating oil. If it is the latter in particular and your lubrication oil becomes excessively dirty or runs low, then you can expect to hear the gears start howling and whining whenever you hug the corners for a sharp turn.

These sorts of sounds should be seen as a warning sign for your differential needing proper lubrication. You will notice the volume of the noise increases as you speed off, or commit to consistent turns on a curvy road. It is important to have your car inspected as soon as you hear any whining or howling noise. That way, you will prevent serious damage to essential car components.

Gear and differential oils are important lubrication fluids needed in the normal operations of a car. However, it is easy to forget about them because the differentials and gears are not serviced as often as other parts of the car. Therefore, if you suspect that your gear or differential oil has been contaminated, you would rather get your car to a certified dealer.

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