The Purpose of Your Vehicle's Timing Belt: What You Need to Know

By keeping your vehicle well-maintained, it can extend its life and prevent costly repairs. We can help you keep your vehicle running smoothly. A vehicle's timing belt serves an important purpose and should be kept in good condition.

A timing belt rotates the crankshaft and camshaft to ensure that each cylinder fires at the same time. It controls the pistons and valves in the engine so that the valves open at the same time as the pistons.

A timing belt is covered in its own housing to protect if from oil and dirt, which can make it difficult to inspect on your own, but there are signs that can let you know it needs to be inspected. If your vehicle's timing belt is worn, it can cause the engine to misfire, and you may also notice a clicking noise coming from under the hood. To prevent the engine from becoming seriously damaged, it is important to have it inspected if you notice any of these signs.



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