The Signs of a Faulty Exhaust System

Most of the time, our vehicles are quiet, and they put out relatively cleaner air than if a component of the exhaust system isn't up to par. But sometimes, vehicles break. You might still be able to drive your car if something is wrong with your exhaust system, but it still needs to be fixed soon. You will likely notice several signs if your exhaust system needs work.

One of the things you might notice is a loud muffler. Your vehicle also might be putting out more harmful gases. And if you live in a city that requires fuel emissions tests, you might not pass it. Finally, a faulty exhaust system can cause your vehicle to be less efficient, resulting in poorer gas mileage.

Your muffler is only one piece of the exhaust system, though. The O2 sensors, the manifolds, and the catalytic converter might also be your problem. If you're having problems with your exhaust, these are the first components to have your mechanic check.



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