The Unique Story Behind the Word Horsepower

Modern car buyers are very well versed in the term horsepower. It is a key component in deciding what vehicle to invest money in. Shoppers are very keen on picking an automobile that will suit their specific needs. A car with a tremendous amount of horsepower may be deemed a higher quality than those with less. However, some people need more fuel efficiency and will prefer a car with less muscle.

The word horsepower was actually invented by a steam engine builder named James Watt. James needed a way to explain the abilities of his new steam engine to potential buyers. He had observed horses in the coal mines and estimated each one was doing 22000 pounds of work in one minute. James rounded the number up to 30000 pounds and applied this theory to his invention. It means that a car with 1 horsepower can pull 33 pounds in 1 minute.

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