Dead Battery? A Jump-Start Will Get You Back on the Road

It happens to most of us at least once: we leave our vehicle's lights or other electronics on and the battery is drained. A dead battery will leave you stranded, but keeping a set of jumper cables can be a life-saver if you have another car to jump-start it with.

A jump-start is an time-honored method of getting a car with a dead battery started. Using a set of jumper cables, a good battery is hooked up to the dead battery to provide the electricity the disabled car needs to start. Once started, the dead battery will be recharged by the engine as long as there aren't any electrical faults to prevent it.

Here at German Asian Concepts, we have automotive technicians trained to diagnose electrical problems. If your battery seems to go dead when it shouldn't, bring your car to our service center in Osceola, IN for an inspection or a new battery replacement.


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