Understanding Your Vehicle’s Belts and Hoses

The belts and hoses that are inside your vehicle’s engine compartment might be more important than you realize. When those parts become worn or damaged, you must replace them immediately if you want to avoid expensive repairs and other unwanted problems.

Most of the hoses that are inside your vehicle transfer fluids between various parts of the engine. That includes oil, coolant, water, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. Belts, on the other hand, transfer power from the crankshaft to other devices. The serpentine belt also synchronizes the crankshaft, distributor, and camshaft. Belts and hoses that are cracked or frayed should be replaced immediately.

If you think that it might be time to replace any of your vehicle’s belts or hoses, then our service team would love to help. Call or stop by German/Asian Concepts in Osceola, IN today to speak with one of our friendly mechanics.

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